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Nbiz providing online training with exam


Nbiz is an leading ISO Consultant

Nbiz is an IRCA Accredited Training provider

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Welcome to Nbiz Infosol Information Consultancy L.L.C.

Nbiz Infosol Information Consultancy L.L.C. is a market leader in Information Consulting and Health and Safety Consulting service providing best in class training on information systems as well as health and safety training courses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi -UAE and GCC. Areas we offer our services in include Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, India, and African Region.


Consulting Services

Our consulting services cover all aspects of IT governance and how to implement the best practices effectively towards any ISO certification. IT governance also gives allocation for further improvement on aligning IT governance towards reaching corporate goals. We are a


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Our Events

29 June

Big achievement! Nbiz is celebrating 10 years of successful leadership in the market

7:00 - 13:00   -   55 Warren Street, New York, USA

It is really a great time for Nbiz.

29 June

Great news learners! Nbiz has started delivering virtual class training.

7:00 - 13:00   -   55 Warren Street, New York, USA

Knowledge is power!. Considering our customers valuable feedbacks and convenience, Nbiz has started delivering course

29 June

ISO/FDIS 22301 :2019 Final Draft been released on 31st Oct 2019

7:00 - 13:00   -   55 Warren Street, New York, USA

Business continuity management standard ISO 22301 revision

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