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LEED Consultancy

We are now focusing on providing a sustainability and technology consultancy services with a concrete benefits of The Green Building practice that develops and supplements the standard building design concerns of economy, utility, durability, and comfort. This requires close cooperation of the design team, the architects, the engineers, and the client at all project stages. LEED certification process is designed to inspire porject teams to promote solutions that are better for our environment and communities.


Our objective is to provide Green building design which involves finding the balance between home building and the sustainable environment that offer profitable and innovative strategies.


Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) is the most extensively used rating system devised by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) that provides third-party verification of green building to evaluate the environmental performance of a building and encourage market transformation towards sustainable design.

Nbiz Infosol provides complete services to earn LEED Certification on desired level through certification support of our Accredited Professionals.


Projects earn points that determine Certification level as follows:

  • Certified (40-49)
  • Silver (50-59)
  • Gold (60-79)
  • Platinum (80+)



Estidama is an Arabic word for “Sustainability” which developed and promoted by the UPC. This program oblige all new development within Abu Dhabi Emirates to practice sustainability.

Nbiz Infosol provides third-party comprehensive consultancy services for sustainable development with the support of our in-house Estidama Pearl Qualified Professionals.

We do our utmost to make our LEED customer fulfil and experience the best it can be.


Nbiz provides benefits as well, from the expected benefits given of a green building like minimizing consumption of resources, reduced greenhouse gas emissions improvement on work environments, saving energy etc.


Nbiz Infosol support and focus on sustainable environment that maximize your profitability in addistion to maximize a long term benefits on providing application of life cycle analysis and sustainable principle designs. As a third-party consultancy, we provide the service that a LEED Certification 

Sheik Zayed Rd. Dubai, UAE
Awarded Gold LEED Rating


Awarded Platinum LEED Rating