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Cloud Security

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The cloud security course is focusing on data security storing in the cloud .cloud security is the best way of protecting data from theft and it detects from private networks. Cloud security improves in the terms of storage, accessibility, productivity, and flexibility. This training explains information security risk and migration strategies. It is highly helpful in the areas of data security, cloud protection, High Availability. The course is focused on three networks for cloud-related security concerns. Different kinds of services offered with cloud-related key security challenges and how to overcome them.


Learning Level:  
2 days

Day 1
Concept of cloud security
Cloud Data Security
Cloud Security Architecture

Day 2

Security challenges and opportunities in cloud security
Top cloud providers AWS, Microsoft, and Google their security challenges.

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    System Engineer

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    Security Architect

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    IT Engineer

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    Security Engineer

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    Security Manager

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    IT Manager

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