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Resource Augmentation

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Resources Outsourcing

Identification, recruitment and retention of skilled resources represent one of the toughest challenges that IT executives face today. As business needs grow rapidly, inadequate staffing greatly affects the IT organization's ability to respond quickly to emergent opportunities. In the absence of quality, skilled resources, organizations struggle to implement innovative technology solutions to accelerate business.

Nbiz Infosol provides value-added, high-impact recruitment process outsourcing services. Our collaborative relationship model helps shorten recruitment cycle for high-quality professionals, which is critical to rapidly meet business needs. With its decades of IT implementation experience, Nbiz Infosol is well-placed to help customers understand and evolve Human Resource requirements.

We are one of the few best outsourcing companies in UAE. We provide jobs in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and all over UAE. 

There are many benefits for Resources Augmentation for organizations the ones listed below are clear advantages that many company’s take advantage of the world over


  • Focus on your core businesses – there are tasks in your organization that needs to be done more for operational requirements rather than strategic needs, resources augmentation allows the company to focus on their core businesses and strategies while somebody else takes care of some of their non-critical requirements


  • Staffing flexibility – hire them when you need them, for example your website does not require daily updates but requires periodic checks your organization does not need an in-house developer an maintenance services will be just what you need


  • Business Continuity and Risk Management – in situations where you lose personnel for some functions under such short notice you may get temporary services from another organization without crippling your own 


  • Cost and Efficiency Savings – monetary savings come in different ways
    • Specialization at better prices - with the right capabilities another organization will find the right personnel for a fraction of the cost. Another company specializing in the service you require will take care of your needs for a lower price and do it even better. 
    • Reduced overhead expenses – companies would not need to pay for additional charges such as office space, amenities, accommodations etc.
    • Minimize operational costs – there may be instances that certain departments in your organization are costing more than their worth. The organization may be having an entire IT department that spends more than the value they bring to the organization. In such instances outsourcing such services will definitely be not just a money saver but a headache reliever. 


In today’s highly interconnected world, organizations are always hungry for capable and skillful resources and it is not very easy to locate and identify such resources and bring them on board for the organisations. This is especially difficult in countries where localizations are more practiced like UAE in the Middle East. It is still even more difficult to find the right people with the right skills and the right attitude.

Our Services Include 

  • ManPower Services - through a clear understanding of your requirements we are able to place the right number of people, with  the appropriate skills and attitude at the proper time and location to ensure they perform the correct duties which will enable the organization to achieve their goals


  • HR Outsourcing Services -  clients have the option to subcontract their human resources functions to NBIZ. This is especially useful for organizations currently undergoing restructuring, only having temporary requirements or localization plans.


  • Recruitment Services - we may also facilitate the process of selection to find the right and suited candidates for your needs and requirements. As long-time industry practitioners we have the right connections to help any organization find the right people.

At Nbiz we offer resources augmentation services, most importantly in the Information Systems. Nbiz will expedite the process to locate and identify the right resources for your organization’s needs. Although Nbiz is not focused in this area as a primary nor secondary but only as a tertiary service. Nbiz provides these services only for the very specific requirements or setup and clients and on a request basis. This we proudly perform for NBIZ is the one-single one-stop solution provider for every organization's IT needs. However resources augmentation is not our core service. 

Resources provided are in the areas of:

  • ASP.NET developers
  • System engineers
  • Desktop engineers
  • Application dollar purse (Oracle, SAP)
  • Mobile developers
  • Network engineers and so on