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Customers or Prospects mostly trust A Service Provider only when they get the confidence if the Service Provider can provide appropriate references.  Although its always not necessary to provide references to win a client this is what Nbiz has seen most of the time.   This page is exactly created for the same purpose.  We have listed all the references in the various industries that Nbiz has delivered its serivces/projects.  Also to note that being in the "Information Security" area it is not possible to divulge the client name specificaly because of the Confidentiality reasons.  However for the reader it would give enough idea that Nbiz has handled such projects in the particular industry which may give them some kind of Assurance.   Still if any specific queries are there Nbiz can address the concerns via a converstaion after mutual agreement.  The below lists the entities/companies/organisations to which Nbiz has delivered the services and the type of Services that we have delivered. It is also to be noted that there could be many entities from the same Sector for eg., there are repeated "Major Oil Company" mentioned in the entites names does not mean that it is only One Company.  Nbiz has delivered and made a strong presence in the Oil & Gas (Energy) sector and there are many oil companies as our References.


Oil and Gas

Below are the entities and services delivered


Major Oil Company in UAE  


  • Asset Management (MAXIMO) Integration
  • Security Awareness
  • MAXIMO IBM Solution
  • Resource Outsourcing
  • CISA Training


Major Oil Company in UAE


  • Asset Management (MAXIMO) Integration


A Major Oil Company in the UAE


  • Asset Managmenet Solution With Software Solution


A Major Oil & Gas related Construction Company


  • IPSWITCH Product and Process Improvments


A Major Oil HOLDING COMPANY in the Middle East




A Major Oil Company in the UAE


  • ISMS and ITSM Auditing and Assessment


Project Overview



Quality management system is a continuous process that involves implementation, maintenance and improvement. Over the years, the best practices and management systems have remained consistent in the oil and gas industry, but to ensure the production and delivery of high quality products, systems and solutions have to be evolved and reinvented, as far as the oil and gas (O&G) industry is concerned, the standards and heavily regulated processes are a challenge faced by the stakeholders. There is an increasing need for compliance with regulations to ensure safety, health and environmental stewardship. Audits are a critical quality management function and not just a set of checklists. Based on this audit, corrective actions have to follow. It is when both these functions work together dynamically that we get extremely good results for the organization, based on the QMS Software platform. The two functions can be integrated seamlessly and automated too, for more efficiency. Some of the areas where the two functions work together can be seen in notifications and reminders, which are generated to see that right from the starting of an audit, the process reaches to the corrective actions stage.


Organizational Background


The Company performes activities in the course of Onshore / Offshore Oil and Gas Fields, Facilities Services, Wholesale and trading, Geological and Geophysical Consultancy, Studies and Researches, Work measurement and Space and Companies Representation shall be in accordance with the contract document requirements and the governing national and international standards, codes, regulations and with the company's Quality Management System.The company expertises in innovative designs that combined aesthetic beauty, proper implementation and a strong of devoted team. Our reputation is unquestionable with an increasing clientele. Thanks to our long relationships with our clients.The vision of the company is to emerge as a leading and vital player in the UAE market, by providing niche solutions and services to all kind of domains, like International, Fast Growing Companies, Government Departments etc., and to celebrate healthy relationships achieved.”


Challenges faced by the Organization


The company faced their challenges in regard to supplier delays leading to unhappy customers
evalutation of suppliers was not a regualr practice and depended on monopoly of a single supplier
Document Control and Process flow was not well distinguised in their organization. 


Actions taken to address the Issue


  •  Progress on the IMS Objectives & Policy Achievements.
  •  Process Conformance and Product/Service Conformity.
  •  Non-Conformance Reports and Corrective Actions.
  •  Preventive Plans.
  •  Follow up actions from previous Management Review Meetings.
  •  Changes on the IMS documentations.
  •  Recommendation for improvements.
  •  Training needs and plan for quality
  •  Results of latest third party surveillance.
  •  Audit results (internal and external audits).
  •  Customer feedback
  •  Scorecard
  •  Recommendations for improvement
  •  ISO 9001 training course
  •  Risk Assessment
  •  IMS certification
  •  Process improvement solution


Outcome and Opportunities upon Implementation  


The company upon implementation of the 9001:2018 standard have achieved the following
Have evaluated  their suppliers, analyzed and shortlised quality supplier maintaining quality in the entire process
Due to the risk assessment, they could reduce their delay and deliveries were on time maintaining customer satisfaction
Pre qualification for various tenders, due to implementation of the 9001:2015 standard in the organization
Client feedback was monitered and actions were taken for negative feedback, allowing the company to maintain customer satisfaction and understanding the needs and expectations of the client.