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Certified Professional Innovator

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Diagnosing an organization’s innovation culture and competency

Developing an innovation strategy

Building a high performing innovation team

Launching innovation projects and teams

Jumpstarting processes

Gaining buy-in for solutions

Synchronizing growth opportunities and organizational practices

Selecting and assessing high potential innovation leaders

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This professional Level course is intended to determine if you have the broad range of knowledge to be able to understand the science of innovation, to function as a knowledgeable professional in the practice of the science of innovation, and to be able to support innovation efforts of more senior innovation professionals in completing projects with a focus on innovation content. 

This course is designed to broad your knowledge about the science of innovation and is not intended to test your ability to actually be innovative. The actual process of innovation can be simple to very complex and is subject to a wide range of circumstances. We believe, as do many professional organizations, that being knowledgeable is the first step to be better at doing a task or performing a function. In this course we take the approach that you are best able to promote and complete innovation projects if you start with a broad range of knowledge about the field, its tools and methodologies, and main

Learning Level:  
3 days

Effectuation: is taking action toward unpredictable future states using currently controlled resources and with imperfect knowledge about current circumstances.

Abstract rules: are those unarticulated, yet essential guidelines, norms, and traditions that people within a social setting tend to follow.

Spontaneous order: is a term that Friedrich Hayek uses to describe what he calls the Open Society. It is created by unleashing human creativity generally in a way not planned by anyone and, importantly, could not have been. 

Creativity: often defined as the mental ability to conceptualize or imagine new, unusual or unique ideas; to see a new connection between seemingly random or unrelated things.

Divergent thinking: coming up with many ideas or solutions to a problem.

Convergent thinking: vetting the various ideas to identify the best workable ideas/solutions

Culture: Is all about how people behave, treat each other, and treat customers.

Leading Innovation: Ten Essential Roles for Harnessing the Creative Talent of Your Enterprise

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    Managers who are yearning for the credibility and toolkit to channel their expertise toward more creative, value creating, and game-changing business pursuits

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    Proven leaders looking to define the next chapter for their organization and their career

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    Professionals such as doctors, scientists, and engineers who see opportunities in their profession and want the business savvy to take good ideas to commercial reality

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