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Information Governance & Process Improvement

IT Strategic Alignment

Value Delivery

Risk Management

Resource Management

Performance Management
Operational Excellence using Service Management Standard & Guidelines(ITIL)
Information Governance &Process Improvement

In today's technology enabled business, organizations need proper information governance that aligns corporate goals to the information goals. Nbiz Infosol helps achieve this by focusing on the 5 important domains of Governance at two important levels.

  • Strategic Level
  • Providing guidelines and implementation on IT governance framework
  • Providing guidelines on alignment of Corporate governance and IS governance including Information Security Governance
  • Tactical/Operational Level
  • Providing performance measures, metrics and outcomes according to the best practices
  • Providing policies and procedures at process levels
IT Strategic Alignment

It has been the most prominent issue for many years as to whether IT is aligned to the business goals or not. Many a time, projects overlook the business alignment as they focus too much on the technological fads. In such cases, the strategic alignment is questioned and becomes the responsibility of the board to control and monitor the strategic alignment.

Value Delivery

IT today is being questioned in the terms of Return on Investment of IT Projects where the management becomes more concerned on the value provided by IT towards the business. This dimension of the IT governance will help the management ensure that IT value is realized in providing business benefits.

Risk Management

One of the most important aspects of governance is to control the risks of IT assets. Managing risks is one of the critical success factors in managing IT and it turn providing business results. The failure of this aspect would lead to a catastrophic downfall of the business itself. IT risks management is an integral part of Enterprise Risk Management. Again, many organizations have islands of risk management approaches while IT has its own RM programs. In such cases, it is recommended that organizations adopt a standard approach and each business unit applies it to its own entity.

Resource Management

Resource Management ensures that resources are expanded in the right direction and towards the right goals. Having a continuous assessment of the resources and training requirements would form the part of the Resource Management area.

Performance Management

It is axiomatic to mention that what cannot be measured cannot be improved. Many organizations are mature enough in defining the financial measures, but there are many non-financial measures which would help us determine the performance of the organization. IT is no exception. Performance measures for IT projects, portfolios and processes need to be defined, documented, monitored and controlled periodically.

Operational Excellence using Service Management Standards & Guidelines (ITIL)

Operational efficiency and effectiveness in the business environment requires a keen understanding of the complex nature and interactions among software, hardware and personnel. Organizations can approach the challenge through Service Management Processes that can help define, integrate and manage as many processes with a repeatable pattern of execution or flow as possible.

Today's complex IT systems contain more consonants and variables than any single human mind can process and comprehend. Nbiz Infosol uses a phased approach to create a lifecycle to automate service management processes.
  • The Lifecycle Phase: Service Strategy
  • The Lifecycle Phase: Service Transition
  • The Lifecycle Phase: Service Design
  • The Lifecycle Phase: Service Operation
  • The Lifecycle Phase: Continuous Service Improvement
Project Management

Project Management, as an independent discipline, has been gaining increasing recognition as a critical differentiator for better business performance. Nbiz Infosol helps organizations to execute, govern and measure their portfolios to improve business performance. We have customized Project Management Software Solutions and Implementation Services to automate the Project Management Process as per the PMI standards.

project management

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